One Cubicle filled in THE OFFICE Spinoff

     June 12, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

When NBC announced that they had green lighted a spin-off to “The Office” a couple of months back, speculation began immediately on what the show would look like and which character would be packing up his desk. With Rainn Wilson’s star on the rise, Doug Schrute seemed the logical choice to helm any Dunder Mifflin subsidiary, so why wouldn’t NBC just admit it and let us all stop embarrassing ourselves? No such luck. Despite sitting on one the most highly anticipated shows of the fall season, NBC has remained maddeningly silent on the subject of theirshiny, new”Office.”

Thursday gave us the first piece of real news on the series: according to Daily Variety, comedian Aziz Ansari has been hired to play “a role” in “The Office” spinoff (see, they won’t even give us a title). Ansari, best known for his work on MTV’s sketch comedy “Human Giant,” will be part of a larger ensemble that producers Greg Daniels and Michael Schur are busy putting together.

“We loved his work in ‘Human Giant,’ which I’m a huge fan of, as is Mike, and we have a good character for him,” Daniels told Variety. He went on to admit that he and Schur have not even landed on a definitive concept for the series yet, which could explain why no one is talking any specifics – no one involved knows what the specifics are.

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