PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Director Oren Peli Has a New Horror Film In The Works

     May 12, 2011


Oren Peli had one of the greatest indie horror successes of recent years with Paranormal Activity. What started as a $15,000 project filmed in the first-time director’s house quickly turned into a viral phenomenon and a $193,000,000 worldwide hit. Now Peli is a major player in genre film. He’s already got his own horror production company, plus a follow up directorial project called Area 51 in the can for Paramount, and today it was announced that he will be directing a new horror film for FilmNation. No title is in place and details are being kept scarce for the time being, but the project will definitely involve some of the supernatural shenanigans that made Peli’s name and will be made outside of the influence of a Hollywood studio. Hit the jump for more details on the upcoming horror project.

Peli certainly hasn’t been stagnant since his incredible success. The guy took the cash he made from Paranormal Activity to launch the production company Haunted Films, which already had a hit with Insidious this year and will be financing Rob Zombie’s next witch-themed horror movie The Lords Of Salem. Plus he oversaw the translation of his debut into a new annual Halloween horror franchise to replace the Saw series. Peli’s latest untitled horror movie will be fully financed by Glen Basner’s newly formed FilmNation and will be the first project produced by the fledgling company.

Fortunately fans concerned about Peli’s new film cutting back on scares because it’s not coming through Haunted Films needn’t worry. When speaking to ScreenDaily, Peli said, “We are extremely excited about our new horror project, and while we can’t disclose too many details about it, rest assured it will be scary as hell.” All that’s known about the movie at the moment is that it will center on a group of friends stranded in a ghost town overrun by nature. Now, hearing that that description immediately brings to mind the ridiculous failed attempt at nature scares in The Happening, but Peli has proven to be more subtle in his chill effects than M. Night Shyamalan thus far, so hopefully his new movie won’t involve a disinterested Mark Wahlberg running from an invisible force.

Though Paranormal Activity and its sequel were big Halloween hits, Peli is still a bit of an untested commodity. Those Blair Witch Project guys were never able to make lightening strike twice and we still haven’t seen his directorial follow up Area 51. There’s no reason to jump up and down with joy about this announcement just yet, but the guy has played his sudden success pretty well so far and hopefully he still has a few scary tricks up his sleeve. In other words, you should only cautiously jump up and down with joy for now.

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