Oscar Cheat Sheet: The 4 Films You Should See Before the Ceremony

     February 27, 2018


The Oscars are only one week away, which means you have one week left to catch up on the big movies before the 90th Academy Awards. You may have been putting off catching up on everything, but now it’s crunch time. With seven days left, how should you best spend your time? Ideally you’d watch all the Best Picture nominees and some of the other notable nominated films this year (the documentary Icarus, currently on Netflix, is a very enjoyable watch), but if your time is limited and you want to make sure you cover most of the bases with regards to who wins, I’ve got you covered.

Below I’ve put together an Oscar “cheat sheet” of sorts—if you watch nothing but the following four films, odds are you will probably have seen a fair amount of the big winners of the night. Best Picture is still kind of up in the air (it’s a crazy year), but the first three films on this list seem to be the most likely candidates to take home that top trophy. Given the unpredictability of the whole thing, however, it’s entirely possible something like Dunkirk or Lady Bird sneaks in and takes it. And there are other films poised to win a single award like Call Me by Your Name that are well worth seeking out.

So if you have only so much time this week, try and see these four movies at the very, very least and you’ll be able to talk knowledgeably about some of the films that keep winning everything on Oscar night. The Academy Awards air live on ABC on Sunday, March 4th.

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