Final Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win, Should Win, and Should Have Been Nominated

     March 2, 2018


At long, long last, this year’s Oscar season is finally almost over. I will tell you as someone who’s been doing this professionally for some time now, this year feels different. The race began the same way all races begin back in September, but as we grew closer to the big day, you could feel a sea change in the way people predict the Oscars. The Moonlight upset had everyone shook, and the transformation of the Academy’s membership into one that skews younger and more diverse means hard and fast statistics may not hold up that well anymore.

So while I still did my due diligence and checked the stats, looked at the precursor awards, and got a feel for the mood during the voting period, this year I used my gut more than ever before. This could very well blow up in my face, but after going the “safe” route last year only to see my ballot get decimated, it’s time to switch things up.

Below, finally, I offer my final Oscar predictions for the 90th Academy Awards. I did my best to explain my reasoning and offer alternatives for those looking for some guidance on their ballots. And as always I included what I think should win and should have been nominated for almost all the categories.

So let’s have some fun. The Oscars will be broadcast live on Sunday, March 4th on ABC. Check back here on Monday morning for my postmortem of the ceremony. Fingers crossed.

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