For Your Consideration: These Underrated Oscar Hopefuls Deserve Recognition

     December 21, 2016


It’s awards season, which means a number of Oscar contenders are vying to land an Academy Award nomination come January. In truth, the race has already been going on for months, to the point that right now we already know the contenders—it’s just a question of which ones make the final cut. But as the race has materialized thanks to critical consensus, guild recognition, and critics’ awards, a number of other performances, films, and screenplays have fallen by the wayside despite their worthiness. Some of this has to do with the politics of Oscar campaigning—a studio only has so much money to devote to awards season, and it puts its investment in the films/performances it thinks has the best shot. Which is a double-edged sword because most of the time, the only films/performances that make the cut are ones with the weight of a campaign behind them.

So while I’ve gone on and on about the race as it stands now in previous Oscar Beat columns, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the should-be contenders. These are films, performances, screenplays, and even original songs that are absolutely deserving of Oscar recognition, but for a variety of reasons have fallen by the wayside. Behold, I present these contenders for your consideration.

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