OUIJA 2 Is Coming; Producer Brad Fuller Says THE PURGE 3 Is Not About the First Purge

     January 15, 2015


We brought you some new details on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and the Friday the 13th reboot yesterday and now it’s time for even more updates from two thirds of the Platinum Dunes team, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller.  This time around they’re talking The Purge 3.  If you’re like me and eager to see happened when the very first Purge went down, you might not be thrilled with what they said, but they do leave the door open for Frank Grillo to return and that alone would be a major plus for the upcoming film.

On top of that, they also revealed that yet another one of their releases is getting a sequel – Ouija.  Hit the jump for more on The Purge 3 and Ouija 2.

ouija-olivia-cooke-ana-coto-douglas-smithWhen Steve asked what projects they’ve got coming up, Fuller revealed:

Ouija 2 is coming.”

The film may have gotten a rock bottom critical reception, but Ouija is a low budget production that went on to take nearly $85 million worldwide.  From a business standpoint, it makes sense to make a sequel.  The narrative, however, is another story.  I actually did manage to enjoy Ouija more than most, but there’s certainly nothing about it to suggest it needs a sequel.  Hopefully round two will have absolutely nothing to do with what went down in the first one and they’ll focus more on the powers of the ouija board and the nostalgia of using one rather than the lame backstory of whatever evil entity is manipulating it.

Now on to a series that has a wealth of potential.  Personally, I’m dying to see a political drama about how The Purge came to be, but I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon. There have been some rumors floating around claiming that The Purge 3 could show us what happened during the first Purge, but Fuller put a firm end to that:

“I read that too about the first night of The Purge.  We don’t know anything about that.  I read that and I haven’t heard that so I’m not sure what that was.  The material that we’re considering right now is not the first night of The Purge.”

the-purge-3I had the opportunity to speak with Michael K. Williams about the third film recently and while he couldn’t 100% confirm his involvement, he did say, “you can definitely look to see Frank Grillo and my character,” and that would have to mean that the filmmakers are considering a story that follows the events of The Purge 2.  However, based on what Fuller said regarding Grillo’s involvement, nothing is locked in yet:

“Listen, we loved working with him and we thought that he was so good in that role and, you know, if it works to have him back we would really be very excited about that.”

You can catch Form and Fuller talking about The Purge 3 and Ouija 2 in the clip below and also be sure to keep an eye out for Steve’s full chat with them and director Dean Israelite on Project Almanac coming soon.


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