OUTLANDER: Lotte Verbeek Talks Geillis’ Big Reveal and Naming Costumes

     May 2, 2015


WARNING: This interview contains major spoilers for Outlander season 1 and also includes a tease of what’s to come in season 2! If you have not seen up to episode 11, “The Devil’s Mark,” you might want to skip this for now.

Lotte Verbeek certainly made an impression as Geillis Duncan in Outlander, popping up here and there throughout the first half of the season, but it was all leading up to an especially powerful, game-changing episode, “The Devil’s Mark.” Not only did Geillis reveal herself to be hone heck of a good friend to Claire (Caitriona Balfe), but a time traveler as well.

While in New York City promoting the Outlander mid-season premiere, I got the opportunity to talk to Verbeek about what goes down in the second half of the season. There’s a good deal of spoiler-free material in there, but now that episode 11 has come and gone, I can also share what she had to say about shooting the witch trial scene and her thoughts on Geillis’ backstory. You can check it all out in the video interview below. Outlander airs Sunday night at 9pm on Starz.

Lotte Verbeek:

  • 00:05 – What’s to come in the second half of season 1.
  • 00:33 – The scene she’s most excited for fans to see; shooting the witch trial scene.
  • 01:24 – Keeping viewers guessing, even if they’ve read the books.
  • 01:53 – Are the actors encouraged to read the books or stick to the script?
  • 02:24 – Did the fact that Geillis is a time-traveler influence her performance even before the big reveal?
  • 03:06 – Was she aware of all the nudity and sex scenes in the show when she first signed on?
  • 04:10 – What period piece costume would she actually want to wear today?
  • 04:48 – On what’s to come in season 2.

Image via Starz