‘Outlaw King’: Why David Mackenzie Changed the Film After the TIFF Premiere

     November 6, 2018

With Outlaw King arriving on Netflix this weekend, I recently got to sit down with director David Mackenzie (Hell or High Water) to talk about making his historical epic. As you may have heard, shortly after Outlaw King made its world premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, he decided to shorten the running time by twenty minutes. When I sat down with him, I was very curious why he decided to re-edit the movie and if fans would ever be able to see the extended cut or the deleted scenes. In addition, he talked about the challenges of shooting on very remote locations that have never been used in movies, why he shot a lot of the movie using multiple cameras, his first assembly cut, and more.

outlaw-king-posterBased on a true story, Outlaw King stars Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce, a man who transformed from defeated nobleman to outlaw hero during Edward I’s occupation of medieval Scotland. Robert claims the Scottish crown, assembles an army, and stands up to the tyranny of their English overlord and his unstable son, the Prince of Wales. Outlaw King also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Tony Curran, Billy Howle, Stephen Dillane, James Cosmo, and Sam Spruell.

Check out what he had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about. Outlaw King arrives in theaters and starts streaming on Netflix November 9th.

Finally, if you missed my interview with Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tony Curran, Billy Howle and David Mackenzie at TIFF where we went in depth about the incredible tracking shot that opens the film, click here.

David Mackenzie

  • Why he edited the film after the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Has he discussed with Netflix offering the extended cut or deleted scenes to subscribers?
  • How his first assembly cut was four hours.
  • They shot the film for 65 days but were very productive.
  • How he shot Outlaw King with four or five cameras and ran extremely long takes.
  • outlaw-king-image

    Image via Netflix

    The challenges of filming on very remote locations in Scotland.

Here is the official synopsis for Outlaw King:

Outlaw King tells the untold, true story of Robert the Bruce who transforms from defeated nobleman to outlaw hero during the oppressive occupation of medieval Scotland by Edward I of England. Despite grave consequences, Robert seizes the Scottish crown and rallies an impassioned group of men to fight back against the mighty army of the tyrannical King and his volatile son, the Prince of Wales. Filmed in Scotland, Outlaw King reunites director David Mackenzie (Hell or High Water) with star Chris Pine alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh and Billy Howle.

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