Why You Should Be Playing ‘Overwatch’

     January 29, 2018


The world of video gaming is chock-full of flashy new titles every few weeks, working to grab your attention. It’s hard to suss out which games are worth the purchase, especially considering these things don’t come cheap. You have to consider replayability, how much bang you’re gonna get for your buck, if you’ll like the story, or even if you’ll like the gameplay. Even then, there are so many games available there’s not enough time to play every single one (well there is, but then you’d have time for almost literally nothing else). But I’m here to make the case for one game that’s been on the shelves for a bit, but one which I feel quite confident in saying is one of the best video game investments ever: Overwatch.

From publisher and developer Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game, but one in which character is everything. The elevator pitch is this: it’s a multiplayer shooter that never, ever, ever gets old thanks to frequent updates, new game modes, new maps, new skins, and yes, brand new heroes. The game is constantly adding new features, so your $59.99 goes an extremely long way—it feels like you get four or five different games a year for the price of one.

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