Guillermo del Toro Talks Hypothetical PACIFIC RIM vs. GODZILLA Movie, and His HEAVY METAL Approach

     April 3, 2013


Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have gotten into the giant freaking monster business.  This summer, they’ll be releasing Guillermo del Toro‘s giant-monsters-vs-giant-robots blockbuster Pacific Rim, and in 2014 they’ll have Gareth Edwards‘ remake of Godzilla.  Since Godzilla’s purpose in life is to fight things (unless it’s the first one, Godzilla’s name should always be followed by “vs.”), why not a Godzilla vs. the giant robot Jaegers from Pacific Rim?

Hit the jump for del Toro speculating on a Godzilla vs. Jaeger battle, and how his Heavy Metal-influenced design on Pacific Rim probably wouldn’t match up with the reportedly more realistic approach Edwards is taking on Godzilla.  Also, click on the respective links for what del Toro had to say about Justice League Dark, and his other future projects like Pacific Rim 2.

pacific-rim-cherno-alphaDel Toro made sure to be clear that there’s nothing in the works regarding a crossover between Pacific Rim and Godzilla, but he loves the idea.  However, he also talked about how the different artistic styles might not mesh if the two worlds ever collided:

So far with the sequel, what we’re writing, what we’re creating, is very different, so there are no plans.  Hypothetically, I would love the fuck out of it.  I would love to see a jaeger and Godzilla duke it out.  That would be too much for the human brain.  But I don’t think there are plans on that.  I don’t even know what direction they’re taking Godzilla in.  I know somewhat that it’s grounded differently.  Pacific Rim, my aspiration was, the color, the saturation of color, was almost an acid-drip version of the Heavy Metal coloring that I loved when Richard Corben was working there, when [Jean-Claude] Forest was working there.  Super bright, super saturated, the crazy color and aesthetic.  And Godzilla is more realistic, somewhat.  That’s my thinking.  That’s what I’ve heard.  I don’t even know which way they’re going.

Here’s the part of our exclusive interview where del Toro talks about a Pacific Rim vs. Godzilla movie.  Look for more with del Toro tomorrow.

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