Michael Bay’s PAIN AND GAIN, Starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, Set for Release on April 26, 2013 [Updated with a Completely Jacked Teaser Poster]

     September 19, 2012


Paramount has set an April 26th, 2013 release date for director Michael Bay’s (relatively) small-scale dark comedy Pain and Gain, per Exhibitor Relations.  Based on a true story, the film stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson as two bodybuilders who get caught up in an extortion ring and kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.  The Fargo-esque pic was made for a modest $25 million, so the film marks a change of pace for Bay following three back-to-back mega budget Transformers films.  We’ve already seen some enticing set photos featuring Wahlberg and Johnson wearing some rather outlandish costumes, and I’m eager to see how Bay handles a movie devoid of explosions and 45-minute long action sequences.  Hit the jump for more on Pain and Gain, plus a look at the newly released teaser poster.

The April date actually makes this the first non-summer release for a Michael Bay film since his feature directorial debut, Bad Boys, in 1995.  Currently the only other film set for the same release date is the ensemble romantic comedy The Big Wedding, so Pain and Gain shouldn’t have trouble finding its audience.  The pic has a small window, though, as the following weekend will see the release of Marvel’s Iron Man 3.  The impressive cast for Pain and Gain also includes Anthony Mackie, Rob Corddry, Ed Harris, John Turturro, and Rebel Wilson.  Click on the new teaser poster below to view in hi-res.


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