John Green, Jake Schreier and Halston Sage Unveil PAPER TOWNS Trailer and Clips in NYC

     March 18, 2015


It’s only been a year since author John Green hit it big with the Fault in Our Stars movie, but he’s already got another feature film adaptation coming out this summer. The big screen rendition of Green’s third novel, Paper Towns, features Nat Wolff as Quentin “Q” Jacobsen and Cara Delevingne as Margo Roth Spiegelman. Back when they were kids, Q and Margo stumbled upon the body of a man named Robert Joyner and from that point on, they grew distant. However, years later, Margo randomly appears in Q’s bedroom window and insists that he join her on a mission to get back at all of the people who have hurt her.


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Earlier this evening in New York City, Green, director Jake Schreier and star Halston Sage unveiled the very first trailer and two never-before-seen clips from the film. You’ll get to see the trailer tomorrow, so I won’t get into too much detail, but the piece does have a very warm, heartfelt coming-of-age quality to it that suggests it could be a good deal of fun, but also strike a more emotional chord as well. However, if you’re concerned about the film getting super sad Fault in Our Stars-style, Green did note:

“It’s definitely not like, Fault in Our Stars 2, you know? It’s a vastly different story with a totally different tone.”

The group also discussed the casting process and specifically what makes Delevingne the perfect Margo. At this point, if you’re not familiar with Delevingne’s modeling career, odds are, you don’t know her much at all. It’s certainly likely that she’ll be a household name considering she’s got Pan, Suicide Squad and more hitting theaters soon, but Paper Towns will mark the very first time we see her in a lead role in a wide release film.


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As Green pointed out, Delevingne’s modeling career actually helped pave the way to her scoring the part. He insisted that “she is Margo” and explained that Delevingne is constantly being projected onto billboards and then people are drawing broad conclusions about her based on those images alone, which is somewhat similar to what Margo goes through in the film. Green recalled how Delevingne exhibited a “deep understanding of how painful that can be” and Schreier also recalled:

“I remember when she came into the audition and she talked a lot about exactly what John was saying and how much she could relate to the character and so when we did the first audition, towards the end of it, we had her just do an improv take and I said, ‘Just for fun, let’s just try it. Like, some of the things that you’ve been feeling personally. You can talk as yourself or you can talk as the character,’ and it was gripping.”


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The group also teased Green’s second attempt at making a cameo in one of his movies. Green got one in The Fault in Our Stars, but his work as “Girl’s Father” never made it into the theatrical cut of the film. Schreier pointed out that the movie isn’t finished yet, but he did predict that Green has a 73% chance of getting some screen time in it. Green added:

“I really took it up a notch from ‘Girl’s Father’ in Fault in Our Stars. I also play a father this time around. That’s all I’m gonna tell you, but I really think I brought it up.”

Description of Clip #1

First up was a scene featuring Q and Margo in which they head over to Chuck Parsons’ (RJ Shearer) house to get him back for the things he’s done to them. Whereas Q is clearly apprehensive about breaking into someone’s home, Margo has absolutely no problem picking the lock and making her way into Chuck’s room in the middle of the night. She tries to put Q at ease by assuring him, “Don’t worry, he’s a heavy sleeper,” but when that’s not enough, she reminds Q of the time that Chuck told all the girls at the second grade dance not to dance with him. Then she dishes out the clincher; “There’s gonna come a time in your life where you’re gonna look back on this moment and you’re gonna think, ‘What do I regret more, removing Chuck’s eyebrow or not removing Chuck’s eyebrow?’” You can probably guess what happens next. It’s a fun-loving yet relatively tense moment that really does let you enjoy the thrill of pulling off a childhood prank.

Description of Clip #2


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This one’s purely conversation driven. While at a party, Q decides it’s time to hit the restroom and winds up finding a rather insecure Lacey (Sage) hiding out in the bathtub. Before heading back to the party, he asks Lacey what’s bothering her and she invites him into the tub for a heart-to-heart. (Note: This is a PG-13 movie. It’s a fully clothed, causal talk in a bathtub. That’s all.)

He hops in and she laments, “No one ever looks at me and thinks that I’m smart or clever or interesting.” She continues by explaining that she just got into a fight with Becca (Caitlin Carver) who told the entire party that she’s got chlamydia. Lacey quietly adds, “Which I don’t … anymore.” Q tries to make her feel better by telling Lacey that Becca’s just jealous, but Lacey is convinced that she’s got nothing to be jealous of because “she’s basically the new Margo.” However, Q insists, “No one will ever be the new Margo.” While we have heard the whole pretty vs. smart thing many times before, the conversation was genuine and further proves that Wolff is going to make for an especially likable, charismatic lead in this one.

Keep an eye out for the first Paper Towns trailer tomorrow and we’ll also have an inclusive interview with Green and Sage for you coming soon. Paper Towns is due in theaters on July 24th.

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