Paramount Purchases New Project for J.J. Abrams Bad Robot

     October 13, 2009


J.J. Abrams list of productions grows ever longer.  On top of “Lost,” “Fringe,” the inevitable “Star Trek” sequel and the long-gestating “Cloverfield 2” and “Mission Impossible 4” films, Abrams production company, Bad Robot, will also be handling a script from new collaborators Aline Brosh McKenna (“The Devil Wears Prada,” “27 Dresses”) and Simon Kinberg (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “Sherlock Holmes”).  Paramount purchased the script, still untitled, for a sweet $2 million, taking advantage of its first-look deal with Bad Robot.  For more details, hit the jump and begin the year-long secrecy-fueled roller-coaster of anticipation that comes with an Abrams produced film.

As both Paramount and Bad Robot are refusing to divulge even a one sentence summary of the film’s plot, I may have used the term “details” loosely.  All Abrams has said so far is, “These two writers couldn’t be more different, the genres they write seem almost diametrically opposed.  But they came to Bad Robot with a pitch that thrilled us.  We feel extremely lucky to get to work with this amazing team.”

McKenna and Kinberg do make for quite the odd couple but maybe this script is the result of their Wonder Twin powers activating.  Abrams seems to think so and, after a string of successes, I am inclined to follow his lead.  While you wait for the viral campaign, you can check out next year’s “Date Night”–McKenna and Kinberg wrote the production rewrite. (Variety)


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