Paramount Thinks Kirk Lazarus Deserves An Oscar!

     October 19, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

On Friday Paramount announced that it was, eh-hem, ‘pushing’ the release of the Dreamworks film “The Soloist” from November 21st to March 29th. If we are to believe Paramount this move was made to save the studio some 70 million in advertising money and not – I repeat – not to punish Dreamworks for taking their “I’m Sooo Creative” asses over to India’s Relativity Media.

This push puts “The Soloist,” a film that stars Jamie Foxx as a schizophrenic violinist and Robert Downey Jr. as the journalist who loves him, out of the running for any Academy Awards this year. But that doesn’t mean that Paramount is not backing Robert Downey Jr. for an Oscar nomination – perish the thought. They’re just not going to be backing him for the depressing, arty, violin movie anymore.

So upon which of Robert’s roles do the hopes of the studio now rest? Would you believe on his performance in “Tropic Thunder?” The news that Paramount would be backing Downey Jr. as “Tropic Thunder” method actor Kirk Lazarus has been the internet buzz all weekend. Variety has now confirmed this via a throwaway line at the end of their article about how pissed all the relevant parties were at being “blindsided” by “The Soloist” move. Here’s the interesting bit:

“… the actor is shooting ‘Sherlock’ in London and would not be available to do the full award season rounds of guild screenings and parties. They will be canceled, but the studio will now back an Academy campaign for his supporting role in “Tropic Thunder.”

So, what are the chances of Downey Jr. actually winning an Academy Award for playing Kirk Lazarus – the dude that’s playin’ the dude disguised as another dude?

I think we can all agree that Robert Downey Jr. made “Tropic Thunder.” But a movie that had more dick jokes than social consciousness (wait, did it have any social consciousness?) does not exactly scream “and the winner is!” Once upon a time the Academy caught some shit for nominating a low-brow performance from a low-brow flick called “My Cousin Vinny.” Their faces were really red when that low-browed Marissa Tomei actually won! Think they’re gonna let a nomination like that get by them again? Especially when the specter of Heath Ledger looms? Don’t bet on it.

Look, we all know that Robert Downey Jr’s Oscar glory is coming. Not only is he overdue for recognition but he’s also riding this great comeback story. Plus everyone who has worked with him recently keeps telling us that “the man is a genius.” A true genius knows when the time is right for an award run – it’s just too bad that the folks at Paramount have decided to skip genius and go right to full retard instead.

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