First Trailers and New Poster for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4

     August 1, 2012


The first two trailers and a new poster for Paranormal Activity 4 have gone online.  We’ve known next to nothing about the plot up until this point, and based on this trailer it appears that things will be taking place during present day in this fourth installment in the popular found footage franchise.  As far as I can tell these are all new characters, though I assume the third act of the pic will somehow tie into the series’ “mythology.”  They utilize a pretty cool new found footage technique by having the main character in the middle of a Skype call when said activity occurs, but I’m told this device was also used in the horror anthology V/H/S.  Nevertheless, the trailer promises jump scares and found footage aplenty, so I’m sure fans of the Paranormal Activity franchise will be pleased.

Hit the jump to watch the trailers and check out the poster.  The film is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.  Paranormal Activity 4 opens on October 19th.

Click over to Apple to watch in HD. Here’s the trailer followed by another tie-in video for the film.


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