Paramount May Delay PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Until 2014

     July 16, 2013


2013 may well end up being the first year without a Paranormal Activity film since 2010’s Paranormal Activity 2 kicked off the yearly trend.  With an October 25th release date looming for Paranormal Activity 5, the folks over at The Wrap report that Paramount is considering pushing the release of the low-budget sequel to sometime in 2014 instead.  Sources tell the outlet that the film has tested with good numbers and the studio likes the director, “but they are second guessing themselves.”  It’s unclear specifically what the issue is, but the director has yet to be officially announced and we still have no idea who’s actually in the movie.  All of the previous Paranormal Activity films have been filmed relatively quickly in the months before release, but it sounds like Paramount’s luck may finally have run out.  If the studio really is considering moving the film  outside of the Halloween season, one imagines reshoots are a possibility.

Apparently the studio has its eye on a possible January release date, but further details are unknown.  Given that October is not too far away, we should hear firm word regarding Paranormal Activity 5’s fate soon.

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