May 28, 2014


Attempting to piggyback on the success of the Paranormal Activity franchise, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones looked to expand on the universe presented in the previous films, this time targeting the rapidly growing Latino demographic.  Using a cast comprised primarily of Latino actors and presenting cultural beliefs that resonate within that community, The Marked Ones succeeded in putting a twist to a franchise that was becoming a bit repetitive in terms of storytelling.  At first glance, the film presents a different world than what we’re used to but it’s not until you’re deeper into the story and more revelations come to light, that everything begins to unravel.  It ultimately ties in nicely to the original.  Hit the jump to read my Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Blu-ray review.


paranormal-activity-marked-ones-blu-ray-cover-artParanormal Activity: The Marked Ones ditches the opulence of Carlsbad and takes us to the less glamorous parts of the city of Los Angeles to present the story of a recent high school graduate and the terrors that ensue after the murder of his neighbor.  The story follows Jesse, played by newcomer Andrew Jacobs, who soon discovers he’s being possessed by an evil entity determined to wreak havoc in his life and terrorize those around him.  With the help of his friends, Jesse begins to unravel new secrets and the real reason for his possession becomes clear.

Like any other horror film out there, common sense is not something these characters put into practice during their quest for answers.  And while the actions they take might make you face-palm a few times, it’s hard to dispute the fact that the journey they embark in turns out to be vastly entertaining.  In comparison to the other Paranormal films, Marked Ones turned out to be more frightening, creepier, and surprisingly filled with funny bits.  The use of Spanish, in a film that was supposed to appeal to a Latino audience, was spot on and perfectly delivered.  The film aims to make a connection with the target audience by presenting ideas and beliefs that are common amongst the Latino population.  This in part is what gives the film those well executed moments of comic relief that perhaps only Spanish-speakers will appreciate.

While Marked Ones is similar to the previous Paranormal Activity films, it’s clear from the beginning that it’s not your typical haunting story.  In a way, what makes the film so refreshing, is that you’re not quite sure what to expect even if you’re already a fan of the franchise and have seen every film up to now.  It will still have your heart pounding and your blood pumping, and you’ll be covering your eyes in fear of what’s hiding in the darkness.


Unrated Version

  • The Blu-ray disc has the option of choosing between the Unrated Version and the Theatrical Version of the film.  The Unrated Version includes an additional 20 minutes not seen in theaters.

Found Footage (10 minutes)

  • The only special feature on the disc, contains seven deleted scenes, including a fascinating story about witchcraft told by Jesse’s grandmother, in Spanish.  One clip shows the extent of Jesse’s possession and another gives more of an in depth look at his visit to a healer.

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