PARKS AND RECREATION to Return for Final Season on January 13th; Will Run Back-to-Back Episodes for Six Weeks Leading up to 1-Hour Series Finale

     December 1, 2014


I will be very sad to see Parks and Recreation go.  It’s not only painfully funny, but it’s also incredibly sweet, and I am going to miss these endearing characters.  Thankfully, they’ll be going out big as the show returns for its final season on January 13th, and NBC will air back-to-back episodes over the course of six weeks.  As Alan Sepinwall at Hitfix notes, NBC is doing this to burn off the last remnant of their old comedy brand.  Parks and Recreation will move to Tuesday at 8pm, and will serve as a lead-in for new shows Marry Me and About a Boy while The Voice is on hiatus.

In the larger scheme of things, I don’t really care about NBC’s strategy.  If they want to move away from comedies, that’s their perogative.  I don’t even mind that Parks and Recreation is coming to a close because I want to the show to go out on a strong finish rather than limp to a series finale.  If it means only six more weeks left in Pawnee, so be it.  I just hope I don’t tear up too much when it’s time to say goodbye.