Part 2 of Collider’s Exclusive Video Interview with Composer Brian Tyler

     September 29, 2008

A few days ago I posted the first part of my exclusive interview with Composer Brian Tyler. If you missed it, I strongly suggest starting here.

As I wrote in that intro, when I was offered the opportunity to interview Brian in his studio, I jumped at the chance. The reason is…while I’m able to interview actors all the time, it’s very rare to be able to speak with a composer and since I’m a fan of his work, this was a great opportunity and also something very cool to do.

For those that aren’t familiar with Brian’s resume, check out his IMDB page. But some of the big ones are “Eagle Eye”, “Rambo”, ”AVP”, “Constantine”, “Children of Dune”, “Frailty,” and he’s doing next summer’s “Fast & Furious,” “Dragonball” and the next “Final Destination.”

Anyhow, Brian couldn’t have been nicer and while I posted the tour of his studio the other day, what’s below is us discussing the behind the scenes of what it’s like being a composer in Hollywood as well as what he has coming up.

If you’re a fan of Brian’s or just curious what it’s like to create music for movies, I promise you’ll like this interview. Again, a huge thank you to Brian for taking time out of his busy schedule and to everyone that set this up.

As always, I’ve listed what we talked about above each part.

Brian Tyler – Part 1

· How did he go from the indie world to the big budget event movies – he talks about his history and how he got to this point. Good stories about William Friedkin

· 3:15 – I ask if he’s now at the point of being offered more than he can handle

· 5:25 – What director has geeked him out the most by being in his studio…Stallone is the answer

· 6:40 – When Stallone is over, is he the kind of person that all of his friends now have reasons to come over and say hi

· 7:10 – Stories about Steven Spielberg and Eagle Eye

Brian Tyler – Part 2

· Was Steven Spielberg involved in the scoring of the movie (yes he was) and what was D.J. Caruso like to work with and how are most directors like to work with

· 3:10 – What’s one of his favorite pieces of music he did for Eagle Eye – we talk about the big car chase

· He also talks about the challenge of creating one piece of music that has to be used for many different scenes to evoke mood.

Brian Tyler – Part 3

· I ask what is he currently working on and he says Dragonball. He says he was a huge Dragonball fan and explains how he got involved.

· Then talks about Fast & Furious

· Also Final Destination 4 – which is his first 3D movie. Explains how they’re trying to move the music around and make it 3D.

· I ask if any of these future projects are as difficult as Eagle Eye was – he explains how much music he actually wrote for the film

· With rumors of another Rambo film…I ask if Stallone has called him about working on another one. He says he has talked to him but “everything is a question mark”

· Would he ever not take a project because he is a fan first and doesn’t want to ruin the movie

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