Patricia Summersett, AKA Princess Zelda, Has Some Sage Advice for Aspiring Actors

     May 22, 2017


In this job, I occasionally get to talk to some big-name Hollywood talent, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, but I rarely get to talk to royalty. So imagine my surprise when I was offered a chance to interview Princess Zelda herself, as voiced by the lovely and talented Patricia Summersett in the Nintendo Switch debut game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not only did Summersett give voice to the titular princess during the all-important cutscenes (a first for this franchise), she played a huge role in the game’s story and, as a result, every player’s experience.

So it’s no surprise that Summersett is already enjoying her “extraordinary” experiences with Zelda fans all around the world, from Sacramento, to Wichita, to Kuwait City. But the next year or so is also shaping up to be a rather interesting one for Summersett, who not only has more video games, TV work, and indie movies coming up, but also stars in Darren Aronofsky‘s mother!, due out this October. We chatted about that and more during a recent phone interview, which included some very down-to-Earth advice for up-and-coming actors. But first, I got to know Summersett a little better.


Image via Patricia Summersett, Tristan Brand

Though playing the role of Zelda is clearly a feather in her cap, Summersett has also voiced roles in such games as Deus Ex, For Honor, and the Rainbow Six and Assassin’s Creed franchises. But I wanted to know just how far back her video game familiarity went.

What was the first video game you remember playing as a kid?


Patricia: Summersett: Super Mario Bros. I have three sisters, so we would all play together. We were given allotted times to play video games [laughs] and then the rest of the time we’d have to be outdoors or studying or something.

Summersett also mentioned playing Nintendo’s track-and-field games using the Power Pad, a shared experience we reminisced over for a few minutes. That, of course, led me to ask:

Do you consider yourself a gamer?


I’m not really a gamer, to be honest, [not] a hardcore gamer, I’d say. It’s more of a recreational thing that has come back into my life with work-related stuff. I have played a lot of games as time has gone by, I’ve played games from the Zelda series, like Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and these games have come my way, and now Breath of the Wild. Various games, I’ll dabble, but I’m not a hardcore gamer.


Sometimes I’m hard on myself for that, but then I think, I really wouldn’t be doing the job I’m doing if I was a hardcore gamer because my journey has been through all the other things that I’ve done, like TV, film, and music. No regrets, but gaming is definitely becoming more of my future, so I’ve started to take that up more.


Have you played Breath of the Wild?


It’s been fun to watch all of the cut-scenes, but I’m really still at the beginning of it. My friends are further along in the game than I am because I keep getting taken away from it because of my schedule. I had planned to beat it by E3, but I should probably let that go because however many hundreds of hours I spend playing this game are going to happen when they happen. But I’m loving it so far. I’m really enjoying cooking and the cooking music, the puzzles, the general changes in the weather. It’s amazing being able to travel to all the different places in this world.

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