Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz Exclusive Video Interview – SEX DRIVE

     October 16, 2008

While I get to interview all sorts of people involved in the entertainment industry, I’ve never been able to interview anyone from a Rock Band before…so when I was offered the chance to talk with Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy, I jumped at the chance.

Not only because I dig their music (I do. Deal with it.), but because I wanted to know the most important issue facing the fans of Fall Out Boy….when will more of their music arrive in the video game Rock Band!

Okay, that might not be the most important issue….it did make them laugh.

Being serious for a second, the reason I got to speak with Patrick and Pete is their band was featured in the new comedy “Sex Drive” and they wanted to help promote the film. That, and they have a new album coming out in December…

During our interview we not only spoke about Rock Band, I also asked about the status of the documentary that Albert Maysles was making about their band. We wrapped the interview up by talking about some of their favorite cities they’ve visited. It’s actually a pretty solid interview and if you’re a fan of the band…you’ll definitely like it.

Finally, for more on the movie “Sex Drive,” I suggest clicking here and watching some red band clips. Or click here to watch 11 much safer and less raunchy clips. “Sex Drive” arrives in theaters tomorrow!

Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz – Fall Out Boy

  • What is it going to take to get more of their music on the video game Rock Band
  • Have they played the game and can they play their own music
  • Did they ever have a That Thing You Do Moment on the set
  • They talk about how they got involved in the film and it’s all due to Seth Green
  • They were followed by Albert Maysles and they have a documentary about them coming up – I ask what’s the status
  • Since they’ve toured the world, I ask what was their favorite city they’ve been to and favorite city for nightlife

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