Watch Patton Oswalt and Patrick Wilson Debate the Merits and Shortcomings of WATCHMEN

     January 14, 2015


While it’s now kind of hard to imagine a time before superheroes ruled the marketplace, a pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe and interconnected franchises world, believe it or not there was a comic book movie called Watchmen that stirred up some rather passionate debate amongst fans.  Some loved Zack Snyder‘s film, some didn’t (I myself fall into the “can barely remember it” camp), but there are definitely aspects of the adaptation worth discussing.  During a recnt joint appearance at the WORD Bookstore in Jersey City, comedian, author, and genre aficionado Patton Oswalt was asked what he thought of Watchmen.  A simple enough question, except for the fact that Watchmen actor Patrick Wilson was sitting right next to him.

What ensued was a civil and insightful discussion about the film’s perceived shortcomings, with Oswalt offering his take and Wilson countering with his feelings about the finished product.  If only internet commenters could converse this politely.  Watch the video after the jump.

Via ScreenCrush.


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