Paul Bettany Talks PRIEST, Video Games, THE AVENGERS, A KNIGHT’S TALE and More

     May 12, 2011

Paul Bettany Interview PRIEST slice

With director Scott Stewart’s Priest opening this weekend, I was recently able to interview the cast and after the jump is my interview with Paul Bettany.  Since I had an extended interview with him at this year’s WonderCon, I tried to ask all new questions.  We talked about what it was like at WonderCon, what video games has he been playing, will he voice Jarvis in The Avengers (he tells a great story about a Russian reporter), which of his films do people always want to talk about, and is he down for doing sequels to Priest.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, click here for all our Priest coverage.  It includes interviews, clips, images, and more.

Paul Bettany

  • What was WonderCon like for him
  • What’s the last video game he’s played. Talks about playing Uncharted with his kids
  • Has he been approached to voice Jarvis in The Avengers. Tells a story about what happened to him from Russia
  • When people meet him in public, what are the films they always want to talk about. Mentions A Knight’s Tale and Da Vinci Code
  • Is the Priest character something he’d want to do again in a sequel


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