THE HEAT Director Paul Feig, Writer Katie Dippold and Producer Peter Chernin to Reunite for Untitled Action Comedy

     April 4, 2013


Director Paul Feig, writer Katie Dippold and producer Peter Chernin must have found strong chemistry when working together on the upcoming action comedy The Heat because they’ll be reteaming for an untitled picture in the same genre. According to THR, Chernin Entertainment paid $1 million for Dippold’s pitch, but details on the project are being kept under wraps.

While Feig is attached to direct and produce, the untitled picture joins a couple of other projects he might direct. The Bridesmaids helmer is also on board for the comedy The Better Woman and possibly Dumb Jock. The Heat is one of my most-anticipated films of the summer, and if it’s as funny as I think it will be, then hopefully the next collaboration between Feig, Dippold, and Chernin will hit the fast track.

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