Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone to Write Paul Revere Movie MIDNIGHT RIDERS

     April 12, 2011


The American Film Co. have hired Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone (Intolerable Cruelty) to write the script for Midnight Riders based on the famous ride of Paul Revere and the less famous ride of his compatriot William Dawes.  24 Frames reports that the mission of the American Film Co. is to make movie about U.S. history, but in this case, also an action-espionage thriller.  Says American’s Brian Falk, “This is a historically accurate swashbuckler about the spark of the American Revolution, with horses, gunfights, swords and a little bawdiness.”  Fellow executive Rob Stone adds, “For people who grew up mainly with the [Longfellow] poem, it’s a far more interesting story.”

I’m a history nut and I look forward to seeing how much artistic license will be taken for this story.  However, I don’t demand that non-fiction films be “historically accurate”. I demand that history books be historically accurate.  Films should be thought-provoking and entertaining, and hopefully that will be the case with Midnight Riders.

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