Pete Docter Plans to Complete Pixar Movie Despite Moving into Chief Creative Officer Role

     June 22, 2018


Pixar usually keeps their movies quietly under wraps until they have something they’re ready to show. The only movie they officially have on their slate right now is Toy Story 4 for next year, although they have five unannounced titles set for various release dates from 2020-2022. While we don’t have any official details on these movies, it’s reasonable to assume that one of them is from Inside Out director Pete Docter.

The Wrap reports that Docter “plans to complete the film he’s currently working on,” despite stepping into the Chief Creative Officer role that John Lasseter will vacate by the end of the year. Of course, “despite” may not be the right word since serving as CCO never stopped Lasseter from working on any Pixar movie. He oversaw every Pixar film and would contribute to their structure and detail, but at the end of the day, this question from “one person with close Pixar ties” doesn’t make any sense:

“And the sad thing for all of us is the question, ‘Is Pete going to be able to keep making movies now?’ He’s made three of Pixar’s best movies, and he was working on another one – is that going to be given to somebody else?”

Lasseter was the CCO of not only Pixar but also Disney Animation Studios, and in that time he directed two Toy Story movies and two Cars movies, so it’s not like he lost the ability to make films at his own studio. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Docter continues to serve as director as well even after he assumes the CCO role. The only potential roadbloack is if a higher-up at Disney tells him he has to focus his energies solely on the CCO position and not on directing. Which is why The Wrap’s story ends with “Docter told TheWrap that he plans to complete the film he’s currently working on. Then he added, with a grin, ‘At least, they haven’t told me otherwise.’”

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