Peter Chernin to Produce Another Show for Fox in the Style of SHAUN OF THE DEAD

     September 30, 2009

20th Century Fox Shaun of the Dead.jpg

Peter Chernin may have left his position as Chairman and CEO of Fox Entertainment group this past June but Fox TV continues to follow his lead. Having already had his vigilante crime drama “The Fallen” brought on by Fox, Chernin is set to executive produce a new dramedy in the style of “Shaun of the Dead.” For more details on the project hit the jump.

According to Variety, the show will be about several dysfunctional siblings who must live together in a haunted house after their father dies. Think “Arrested Development” meets “The Real World” meets “The Adams Family.” Chernin’s new production company, the aptly titled Chernin Entertainment, will be working with Diane Ruggiero (“Veronica Mars”) to develop the still untitled show. Ruggiero has not had much television success of late but maybe teaming up with Chernin will change that. As a fan of both “Shaun of the Dead” and “The Addams Family” I’m hoping for the best.

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