Peter Douglas Looking to Remake John Frankenheimer’s SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, SECONDS, and GRAND PRIX

     November 11, 2010


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…well, then Peter Douglas looks to be racking up quite the pedigree. Deadline is reporting that producer Douglas, son of legendary actor Kirk Douglas, is in the process of purchasing the rights to a slew of classic 1960’s films through his Vincent Pictures. Not surprisingly, Douglas hopes to remake the projects; slightly more surprising, however, is the fact that most of the rights secured are to films that his father Kirk produced or starred in. Hit the jump for a rundown of some of the potential remakes-to-be, as well as my thoughts.

Among the possible candidates, three of the films–1964’s Seven Days in May and 1966’s Seconds and Grand Prix–were directed from the late great John Frankenheimer. Other films on the list include 1958’s The Vikings (which, interestingly enough, Peter had a bit part in) and 1980’s The Final Countdown (his first producing credit).

On the one hand, I can certainly understand a certain level of skepticism when reading this news–I mean, if there’s ever been more concrete evidence that Hollywood has completely wrung itself dry of fresh ideas (aside from the mere existence of Little Fockers), it’s a major company dedicating itself solely to the remaking of old material.

Yet on the other hand, I’ve gotta admit: in a weird, slightly warped-sort-of-way, I find this news somewhat endearing. Granted, what Peter is aiming for goes against everything modern Hollywood should strive to be, but there’s undoubtedly something a bit, well, nice about a son hoping to encapsulate the bulk of his father’s work. Say what you will for the necessity of the move, but you can’t deny the heart behind it.


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