Peter Jackson Reportedly Deciding Between a Return to Middle-Earth or a DC Superhero Movie

     May 10, 2018


Although he has stayed busy as a writer and a producer, Peter Jackson has dropped out of directing for a bit. He’s got a World War I documentary in the works and he’s attached to do the sequel for The Adventures of Tintin if that should ever happen, but he hasn’t signed on to direct a film since he wrapped The Hobbit trilogy back in 2014. His latest feature is the upcoming Mortal Engines, but he only served as writer and producer on that project.

Now it looks like he’s gearing up to direct his next feature, and according to The One Ring, he’s deciding between a return to Middle-earth or a DC superhero flick. If he returns to Middle-earth, it looks like it will be as part of Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series, which would just be baffling to me. I understand Jackson loves the world of Tolkien, but The Hobbit showed he’s not going to do it any better than The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Getting to do it on Amazon’s streaming service just seems pointless from everyone’s perspective unless Jackson wants a canvas where he’ll get to include every single thing from the books (Tom Bombadil fans will finally have their day!).

A DC superhero film seems like the more intriguing option for Jackson. He’s never really been in that space before, and it could be a good fit depending on the character. His pal Steven Spielberg is already getting into the DC superhero game with producing and possible directing the movie Blackhawk, and I’m sure a director Jackson’s pedigree would likely have a lot of leeway and freedom to play with a variety of superheroes from DC vast catalogue of characters.

What do you want to see Jackson do next? Should he return to Middle-earth or go the superhero route? Or should he do something else entirely? Sound off in the comments section!

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