Peter Jackson on Why You Should See THE HOBBIT: AN EXPECTED JOURNEY in 48fps IMAX 3D

     December 14, 2012


I love seeing movies in IMAX.  It’s absolutely my favorite way to see a movie as there is nothing like the huge IMAX screen and booming surround sound.  In addition, whenever I ask a director about IMAX, their face lights up and they always say it’s their preferred format for audiences to see their movie.

And Peter Jackson feels the same way about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, especially in 48fps (high frame rate).  In the clip you can see after the jump, Jackson says you should see The Hobbit in this new format “because it will give you a immersive sense of reality like taking the screen away and you’re looking into a window into the real world.  48fps in IMAX is the ultimate way to see this film.”  Hit the jump for more.

Since 48fps is a brand new format, not every IMAX theater has the capability.  You can click here for more information and a list of theatres.

In addition, select showings of The Hobbit in 48fps will also be showing the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness!  So if you have the option, choose a theater that lets you see it in 48fps and also has the footage. Here’s the list of theaters showing the Star Trek footage.

Here’s my video blog recap of the footage and below is Jackson talking about IMAX.



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