Pictures from the 4th Annual I AM 8-BIT Art Gallery Opening in Los Angeles

     August 15, 2008

One of the reasons I love living in Los Angeles is all the cool, interesting things that go on at night. Like tonight’s opening of the 4th Annual I am 8-bit art exhibition in Hollywood.

If you haven’t heard of I am 8-bit, more info can be found on the official website. But the quick info is…it’s a bunch of artists that use the the games we all grew up on to create some very cool artwork. As you can see, it’s totally worth checking out if you live in or around the Los Angeles area.

If you’d like to go in person, the exhibition runs till September 7th and it’s free to everyone. Here’s the address:

World of Wonder Storefront Gallery
6650 Hollywood Blvd
, Cali.
(corner of Cherokee)

Anyway, here’s a ton of photos from tonight’s exhibit. I think you’ll like the images a lot. And one last thing…the HUGE joystick at the end of this article actually works and is attached to an Atari 2600!

more images on page 2 ———->


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