Pictures From Last Night’s SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD Keg Party in Downtown Los Angeles

     June 18, 2010

Scott-Pilgrim-vs-The-World-keg-party-image-E3 slice

Last night Universal threw a keg party in downtown Los Angeles for the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Ubisoft video game.  The party was held very close to where E3 was going on, and if you got in, you got to drink for free and also play the soon to be released game.  I showed up after the Lakers/Celtics game and while I expected problems getting down there, it was smooth sailing.

What I found after I got in was a pretty cool party.  The space was rather large and they had a room for people to dance in, a kitchen with 8 kegs, and another huge room with the video game playing on a few TV’s.   I never had a problem getting beer (until they ran out) and it was definitely worth the drive downtown.  One can only hope Universal does something like this again at this year’s Comic-Con (hint, hint).  So if you weren’t able to make it, Universal sent over a ton of pictures from the party and you can see what you missed:

Finally, when you left the party last night, Universal gave everyone a Scott Pilgrim movie poster and a cool t-shirt.  Here’s the twicpic I posted on Twitter.

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