Pierre Morel in Talks to Direct OUIJA and the Sam Raimi-Produced EDF (aka EARTH DEFNESE FORCE)

     November 11, 2010


Pierre Morel (Taken), the last of the frontrunners to direct Ouija, presented his take on the project  to Universal earlier today. The studio has already seen the interpretations of Sylvain White (The Losers) and Scott Charles Stewart (Legion). Universal is reportedly banking on Ouija’s potential to become a supernatural action-adventure franchise. (Think Final Destination meets Jumanji.) It shouldn’t be long before an official announcement is made as to who will helm the Hasbro product adaptation.

Recently, Morel unburdened himsel from directing the Dune remake, seemingly making the Ouija project a priority. If it doesn’t work out, he has other projects to fall back on: Heat Vision reports Morel is in talks to direct Sam Raimi production of EDF (aka Earth Defense Force), in which the nations of the world unite to defend against an extraterrestrial threat. Oh, and then there’s the upcoming sequel to Morel’s action-packed Taken, which you may have heard about.

Hit the jump for a breakdown of what the spirits have told us about Ouija so far.

As one of Universal’s projects revolving around the Hasbro product line, Ouija should fill in the “spooky” piece of the puzzle while movies like Battleship, Stretch Armstrong and Monopoly round out the rest. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (Tron: Legacy) are busy ironing out the script to Ouija, which is rumored to incorporate some of the rules of the board game itself. Rule #1: Never play alone.

Morel’s involvement with this project seems like a good fit. If Universal leans toward a more action-oriented picture, then Morel’s experience on Taken, The Transporter and From Paris with Love will serve him well. However, if the project takes a more supernatural slant, Stewart’s repertoire seems to be a better fit. But White shouldn’t be counted out, if only for his versatility in working in different genres.

I’ll have to wait for a few more details on the script and casting decisions before I pass judgment on Ouija, but I think it has potential to be a fun, creepy and nostalgic movie. But before we get any of that, Universal will have to settle on a director. I suggest they douse the lights, get some candles, gather around the table at midnight and hold a séance. What better way to decide the fate of a multi-million dollar project than to consult a three-cent piece of plastic?

Ouija is set for release on November 9, 2012.

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