PIRANHA 3DD Stunt Casting Continues as David Hasselhoff Joins the Cast

     May 11, 2011


Piranha 3DD clearly has no desire to be considered a real movie and if attempting to top their previously-announced stunt casting of Gary Busey by hiring David Hasselhoff.  Unfortunately, nothing beats Busey.  The new film takes place at a water park so perhaps Hasselhoff will be playing a lifeguard.  You know, because he was a lifeguard on Baywatch.  So clever, Piranha 3DD.

The film also stars Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, Katrina Bowden, Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka, and David Koechner.  Piranha 3DD opens in 3D on November 23rd.

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