Pixar Planning Movies from Bob Peterson and John Walker in 2013, Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera in 2014

     August 20, 2011

Disney has spent the summer staking out release dates in the distant future, though details are scare on what they’re planning.  Today, we know more than we did yesterday.  Steve is at D23 right now, and saw a sheet with the men in charge of four upcoming Pixar movies.  Up co-director Bob Peterson and The Incredibles producer John Walker are listed for 2013 projects.  Up director Pete Docter and Up producer Jonas Rivera get their shot in 2014.

Still not much to go on, but the pieces are coming together. Monsters University is scheduled for June 23, 2013, directed by Dan Scanlon.  Pixar has a claim on November 27, 2013 as well, which will presumably either go to Peterson or Walker.  Is it possible Pixar will release three movies in 2013?  Either Docter or Rivera will premiere his movie on May 30, 2014—a Thanksgiving 2014 release for the other project seems likely.  We will update when the news is official (and clearer).  Hopefully, we can also update with names of the untitled Marvel films, if Disney is feeling generous.

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