SXSW: “Infinity & Beyond: Pixar & 20 Years Since TOY STORY”

     March 16, 2015

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Today at SXSW, Jim Morris, Pete Docter, Ed Catmull and Galyn Susman were on hand for the “Infinity & Beyond: Pixar & 20 Years Since Toy Story” panel, which offered a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Pixar’s first film. 20 years after Toy Story debuted, the film still has a huge fan base (not to mention an upcoming sequel) so it’s no surprise that the room filled up quickly, with 100 people turned away at the door. While we didn’t have anyone onsite I’ve scoured social media to bring you some highlights and trivia bits from today’s panel.

Check out what we learned below:

  • At first all the animation was coded on graph paper.
  • With Pixar’s current render farm of 23K processors they would be able to render the original Toy Story movie in real time today.
  • When they started Toy Story, Pixar thought they could animate the film with only 8 animators…they ended up using 33. More than 400 people touch a Pixar film before it’s completed now.
  • Of all the Pixar characters, Pete Docter identifies with Buzz Lightyear the most.
  • All the books in Andy’s room have filmmakers’ names as authors.

— Disney•Pixar (@DisneyPixar) March 16, 2015

  • Get ready for the heartbreak: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen did not record their voice work together.
  • They used The Shining carpet pattern in Sid’s house. You can see it clearly in the image below.

Image via Pixar

  • While at SXSW, they also displayed some very cool concept art and early renderings of Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Early Woody and Buzz Lightyear drawings … 20 years!! #sxsw #pixar A photo posted by Jonathan Greene (@atmasphere) on


  • Finally, check out these neat animated notes from the panel courtesy of @seenoevilpix.

Image via Pixar


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