Collider Kids: Wolfy Kids Arrive in Exclusive Images from ‘PJ Masks’ All-New Adventures

     July 1, 2018


Here at Collider, we cover a lot of stuff, be it Star Wars, superheroes, or cinephile fare, and everything from movies and TV, to video games and web series. There’s something for everyone. But there’s so much stuff out there that sometimes our younger audience members get left out. So every once in a while, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some family-friendly content that parents and caregivers can confidently watch with the little ones. What kind of things? Well, like Hasbro’s new YouTube series The Play-Doh Show, which we got an exclusive early look at; bonus, that new show debuts today!

In today’s Collider Kids segment, we have another exclusive to share with you. This time around, it’s all about the superheroic adventures of Entertainment One’s PJ Masks, the hit kids show that airs on Disney Junior the Channel. New episodes are premiering as part of the channel’s “Fantastic FRIYAYS”, and we have three new images to show off featuring the stars of PJ Masks–Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko–as well as the newest villains to make their way into town, the Wolfy Kids! These new summer adventures look absolutely delightful and I just can’t pick which team is cuter, so you’ll have to decide for yourselves by checking out the images below:


Image via Disney Junior

Premiering Friday, July 6th at 9:30a.m.

  • “The Wolfy Kids”: Catboy has to learn it’s not all about him while trying to stop the new villains in town, the Wolfys.
  • “Wolf-O-Saurus”: Gekko’s knowledge of less-known dinosaurs will help the PJ Masks to get back the stolen prehistoric bones from the Wolfy Kids.

Image via Disney Junior

Premiering Friday, July 27th at 9:30a.m.

  • “Catboy No More”: Robot made a Catboy costume for Romeo, who then steals Catboy’s powers. To stop Romeo, Catboy will have to learn to be a superhero – even without any superpowers.
  • “Gekko vs The Splatcano”: Night Ninja has transformed the Mystery Mountain into a Splatcano and Gekko worries that he can’t help Catboy and Owlette stop the villain because he is only the muscles of the PJ Masks team.

Image via Disney Junior