Watch: ‘Planet Earth II’ Clip Is One of the Most Intense Chase Sequences Ever

     November 7, 2016


Planet Earth II, the sequel to BBC’s nature documentary series, is the talk of the Web right now — and it’s all because of one surprisingly riveting scene. David Attenborough, English broadcaster and naturalist, narrates the docu-series about how various animals survive the most iconic habitats on Earth. One that’s captivated viewers is a newly hatched marine iguana, which some have said executed one of the most intense chase sequences ever captured on film.

According to BBC Earth, hatchling marine iguanas have to make their way to the sea, but one of the biggest threats are racer snakes. In the clip, posted online by the network, one such iguana from the Galapagos Islands escapes over a rock with one of these serpents in pursuit, but its landing attracts the attention of many more slithering out from the shadows. Accompanied by heart-pounding music, the iguana mades a daring, near-fatal escape as it scrambles across the sand and up a rock with snakes lurching and snapping at every turn.

The clip is watchable on to U.K. viewers, but Twitter user Luke Johnston posted it on social media for the rest of us. Watch the magic of nature in the clip below:

This scene played out during the premiere episode of Planet Earth II, which aired this past Sunday on BBC One and garnered an average of 9.2 million viewers. The Daily Telegraph called it “the stuff of nightmares,” and it kind of is. At the risk of sounding like Family Guy, “Damn, nature. You scary!”

The first Planet Earth, which aired in 2006, won four Emmys, including for cinematography, sound editing, and music compositions. It’s clearly bringing the same fire and finesse to its sequel, now 10 years later, but this scene may be the most exciting installment yet.


Image via BBC