Paul Feig Explains Why He’s Making a Play-Doh Movie

     April 30, 2015


Earlier this month, some rather strange-but-true news broke in the form of a Play-Doh movie being developed at 20th Century Fox. Yes, a movie about the smelly clay that you played with as a kid is in the works. Moreover, it has Bridesmaids and The Heat helmer Paul Feig set to possibly direct. You may be thinking, “Why in the world would someone like Paul Feig want to make a Play-Doh movie?” Well luckily, when Steve caught up with Feig at CinemaCon in anticipation of his upcoming comedy Spy, the filmmaker obliged and explained exactly why he sparked to the idea:

“We’re moving forward [with the film]… My company was approached by Hasbro with this property and at first I was like, ‘How do you make a Play-Doh movie?’ and then I was like, ‘Wait, it’s colored clay. It’s Claymation!’ So then we had an idea that we really liked and then we brought [screenwriter] Jason Micallef in and kind of kicked it around with him, he went away and put together a pitch, came back, and it’s the funniest—I just think it’s hilarious. Let’s just say it’s gonna be a big movie, big in scope.”

The initial report stated that the film would be live-action, but it could definitely be a fun visual challenge if Claymation were thrown into the mix. It’s obvious that Hasbro/Fox was spurred by the success of The LEGO Movie to try and make a film out of Play-Doh, but if that idea worked (thanks to Phil Lord and Chris Miller), why can’t this one also turn out to be a pleasant surprise with Feig at the helm?

Feig is currently busy prepping Ghostbusters to shoot this summer so it could be a year or so before he’s available to turn his attention to the Play-Doh movie, but he certainly sounds enthused about the prospect. Prepare yourselves, and remember: do not eat the Play-Doh.


Image via 20th Century Fox



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