Fox Working on Live-Action PLAY-DOH Movie; Paul Feig May Direct

     April 2, 2015


I adore The LEGO Movie, but its success has wrought the belief that if anyone can make a movie out of LEGO, then it’s possible to make a movie out of anything.

First, that was technically true before The LEGO Movie; second, LEGO may not have a built-in story, but it does have settings and minifigures, and those figures convey personality. It also helps when your film is being handled by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, two guys who previously helmed a couple of other projects no one thought would be good movies—Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street.

Naturally, this entire context gets tossed out of the window, and what’s left is the belief that a brand alone is enough to get a movie going. We’ll see if it’s a strong enough starting place for a film based on Play-Doh, the terrible-smelling, colored substance that you can squeeze into various shapes. No character; no settings. It makes Stretch Armstrong look like a mythic figure by comparison.

And yet a Play-Doh movie might have a big advantage when it comes to a creative vision. According to Deadline, Bridesmaids helmer Paul Feig is in talks to direct the film. If he does sign on, the Play-Doh movie will have to wait since his next project is Ghostbusters, which begins filming later this year for a July 2016 release. From there, he might also decide to direct The Heat 2 or perhaps another project will come along. A project, that may not not involve colorful, edible clay. However, the next time someone interviews Feig, I would love to hear his take on a Play-Doh movie. Sometimes, these things can be crazy enough to work, especially when you have someone as talented as Feig on board.


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