New Trailer and Poster for Catherine Hardwicke’s Psycho-Sexual Thriller PLUSH, Starring Emily Browning, Cam Gigandet and Xavier Samuel

     September 9, 2013


The previously-released red-band trailer for Catherine Hardwicke’s Plush was meant as more of a sexy teaser than anything else, but this newer and longer cut actually clues audiences in as to what the film’s actually about.  It’s a tough one to sell since there are so many moving parts. Plush stars Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) as married singer/songwriter Hayley, who begins to fall for her new guitar player, Enzo (Xavier Samuel) after losing her brother/band member to a drug overdose.  Enzo helps to unlock her creativity after the band’s previous release received disastrous critical reviews.  If that weren’t dramatic enough, Hayley also begins to receive the unwanted affections of a dangerous and obsessive fan.

Catherine Hardwicke’s Plush also stars Cam Gigandet, Frances Fisher, Brandon Jay McLaren and Dawn Olivieri.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer and check out the new poster.

Head over to Apple to watch the Plush trailer in HD.

Here’s the synopsis for Plush:

After losing her band mate and brother to a drug overdose, rising rock star Hayley finds herself in a downward spiral. The new album from her band Plush is received as a critical and commercial disaster. She finds new hope and friendship in Enzo, the replacement guitarist who inspires her to reach new creative heights. But soon their collaboration crosses the line and Hayley, who is married with two children, retreats from Enzo’s advances. As Hayley slowly discovers Enzo’s dark and troubled history, she realizes she may have let a madman into her home and that her mistake may cost the lives of people closest to her.


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