The Collider Podcast: Episode 79 – Oscars Recap, ‘Get Out’, and ‘Logan’

     March 8, 2017


This week on The Collider Podcast, we’re covering three topics.  We start off with the bonkers Oscars ceremony, how the prognosticators got so much wrong, why Marisa Tomei’s Oscar win was finally validated, why Moonlight‘s win matters, why La La Land losing Best Picture may be good for the film in the long run, and more.  We then move on to Get Out, why the film is so powerful, how it’s an unusual film for Blumhouse, the brilliant casting, and more.  We wrap up with Logan, and at the 46-minute mark, we get into spoilers.  We talk about why it’s a strong conclusion for the character, how it’s unique among superhero films, what other films in the genre can learn from Logan, and more.

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