New Posters for Ben Affleck’s THE TOWN, THE THING Prequel, and James Cameron Presents SANCTUM 3D

     August 17, 2010

A few new posters have hit the net today and we’ve decided to post them all together.  Up first is a new international poster for Ben Affleck’s The Town which is much better than the domestic version released a few days ago.  While Affleck is a decent actor, so far he’s a great director as I loved Gone Baby Gone and The Town looks fantastic.  The film starts to play Festivals in the next few weeks, so look for reviews very soon.

The other new posters are for The Thing prequel and Sanctum 3D – which James Cameron is “presenting.”  Hit the jump for more info and the posters:

Thanks to (which scored a few photos at Jupiters Hotel and Casino on the Gold Coast, during the 65th Australian International Movie Convention) we have our first look at The Thing prequel poster and Sanctum.  Since both might just be promo posters and not the final releases, I’ll reserve judgment.  Also, it looks like The Thing poster wasn’t easily photographed, so it might look cooler in person.  While some of you might be nervous about The Thing prequel, I know a decent amount about the film and think you should be excited for it’s release next year.

Regarding Sanctum 3D, I don’t know much about the film beyond the synopsis:

James Cameron Presents Sanctum 3D: March 4, 2011
Synopsis: Based on true events, this adventure drama concerns a father and son who are trapped in an underwater cave with a team of divers as the group strives to stay alive against all hope.
Cast/Crew: Alister Grierson (Kokoda) directs from a script by Andrew Wight and John Garvin; James Cameron is producing (duh).

Here’s the poster for The Town.  For more info on the film – including links to the other poster and the trailer, click here.

Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) is an unrepentant criminal, the de facto leader of a group of ruthless bank robbers who pride themselves in stealing what they want and getting out clean. With no real attachments, Doug never has to fear losing anyone close to him. But that all changed on the gang’s latest job, when they briefly took a hostage–bank manager, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall). Though they let her go unharmed, Claire is nervously aware that the robbers know her name… and where she lives. But she lets her guard down when she meets an unassuming and rather charming man named Doug…not realizing that he is the same man who only days earlier had terrorized her. The instant attraction between them gradually turns into a passionate romance that threatens to take them both down a dangerous, and potentially deadly, path.

Thanks to Empire for The Town poster

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