New Details Emerge for J.K. Rowling’s Mysterious POTTERMORE

     June 22, 2011


Most people are aware that on July 15, the last cinematic installment of the Harry Potter series will storm into theaters. Exactly one month before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was to premiere, a curious username popped up on Twitter. Since June 15, user @pottermore has posted only 3 tweets, but has amassed over 80,000 followers. The reason for all the excitement is because the Twitter account led fans to a cryptic website with nothing more than two owls on branches and the words, “Pottermore Coming Soon!” above J. K. Rowling’s signature. When that website led to a YouTube page full of owls and a countdown (which is now less than 24 hours away), speculation by Potter fans ran rampant across the interwebs.

Would it be a new book or even a new series? Could it possibly be an MMORPG? What about an extravagant treasure hunt that combines an online game with actual prizes hidden in the real world? If you guessed the last one, chances are you’re correct! All signs point to J.K. Rowling’s announcement tomorrow involving a race to find actual wands hidden across the globe. For more details, hit the jump.

j-k-rowling-imageIn a memo supposedly leaked to the press by Pottermore’s PR company, Adam & Eve, (via The Guardian) details emerged regarding an online game where players could discern clues that would lead them to real world locations in the UK and US, at the very least. In those locations, an undisclosed number of magic wands would be hidden. The memo “leak” may be part of the marketing strategy and it is not clear whether “Pottermore” is the online game, the treasure hunt or something else entirely. Adam & Eve has used treasure hunts as a marketing trick in the past for the video game LittleBigPlanet2.

Rowling will make the official announcement tomorrow at 7am EST from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. She addressed questions on her website as to whether or not more Potter books are in her future:

“I’ve got enough story for seven books and I never planned to carry the story beyond the end of book seven. I might do an eighth book for charity, a kind of encyclopaedia of the world so that I could use all the extra material that’s not in the books … we’ll see!”

The initial unveiling of the Pottermore website came by way of a scavenger hunt, in which members of Potter fan sites used clues to find specific coordinates on Secret Street View. It seems that, come tomorrow morning, Pottermore is ready to expand to fans worldwide. Perhaps we’ll see a modern day equivalent of the search for Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket and all the chaos that comes with it? Prepare yourselves, Potter fans. This could get ugly!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 poster

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