‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Actors Shortlist Revealed

     October 3, 2015


Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reboot is ready to morph into the casting phase. Last summer, the studio tapped X-Men: First Class scribes Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz to pen the script alongside Roberto Orci, who eventually stepped off the project. As the screenplay came together, Lionsgate and Saban hired Project Almanac director Dean Israelite to take the helm, and with a January 2017 release date in sight, the team is beginning to put together a shortlist of actors and actresses who will fill the screen.

Per Variety, they’re looking for young talent to make up the central Power Rangers team with the aim of casting a bigger name actor for the film’s antagonist. To this end, the performers who are reportedly among those testing for the lead characters are as follows:

  • Zack/Black Ranger – Daniel Zovatto (It Follows), Ross Butler (Chasing Life), and Brian “Sene” Marc
  • Kimberley/Pink Ranger – Naomi Scott (The Martian), Stephanie Scott
  • Jason/Red Ranger – KJ Apa (Shortland Street), Austin Butler (The Shannara Chronicles), Mitchell Hope (The Descendants)

Image via RADiUS-TWC

As we reported exclusively, the main cast of characters also includes Billy/Blue Ranger and Trini/Yellow Ranger, but Variety doesn’t have information on who will be testing for those roles. As you can see, though, Lionsgate is very much looking for fresh faces, so I wouldn’t expect to hear many big names in the mix for those two characters either.

I’m curious to see what kind of actor they’ll nab for the villain. Israelite previously said he wants to deliver a “mature but still playful” kind of film, and the tone of this Power Rangers reboot will certainly be key to its success or failure.

What do you think about the contenders so far, folks? Which “name” actor should play a Power Rangers villain? Would John Malkovich hamming it up opposite a group of high schoolers be too much greatness to handle? Sound off in the comments below.


Image via The Movie Database

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