New ‘Power Rangers’ Image Offers a Colorful Look at Rita Repulsa

     December 8, 2016


A new image from the upcoming Power Rangers reboot has been unveiled, giving us a fuller look at Elizabeth Banks’ villain Rita Repulsa in the context of the film. The previous Rita images were more concept art-focused or quick shots in the trailer, so this is really our first great look at the character as she’ll appear in the frame. Earth to Echo filmmaker Dean Israelite directs the Lionsgate redo, and while the trailer teased a very strong Chronicle vibe with gritty visuals and mopey teenagers, the inclusion of Rita Repulsa complicates matters a bit.

In the context of the show, Rita was a supremely over-the-top villain, spouting off ridiculous dialogue. It worked because the series overall was cheesy. But if the main characters of the film are supposed to be realistic, “gritty” teenagers at an alternative school, I’m not sure how well that dialogue’s gonna work. Which brings us to the new image, because it’s captioned with the very Rita Repulsa-esque, “Thought you saw the last of me!? Ignoramus, you thought wrong. I have glorious catastrophic plans for the holiday season.”

That’s likely not a line of dialogue from the film, but it’ll be interesting to see if this tone persists in the actual movie. The design of Rita is quite contemporary, which extends to the movie as a whole including the redesigned Alpha 5, so again I’m curious to see what Banks’ performance entails.

For now, all we’ve got to go off of is brief snippets of trailer footage and this new image. So speculate away! Power Rangers also stars Naomi ScottBecky G.Ludi LinRJ CylerDacre MontgomeryBill Hader, and Bryan Cranston. The film opens in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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