‘Power Rangers’ Zords Emerge from the Mist in New Poster

     December 9, 2016


The closer we get to the first-quarter 2017 release of Dean Israelite‘s Power Rangers, the more nervous I get. I was down with the young cast, one anchored by veteran actors on both the heroic and villainous sides of the power coin. I was pleasantly surprised by the title heroes’ costume redesigns and appreciated the homage to the original live-action series. The marketing let me down a bit with the recent reveal of Alpha 5’s redesign, but while I certainly wasn’t alone in finding his new look bizarre, a fair amount of folks were totally fine with the updated concept art. However, my excitement remains hinged on the film’s Zords, how they look, and how they’ll factor into the movie’s action scenes.

Unfortunately, aside from some toys, some partially obscured character posters, and this newly released, fog-enshrouded poster, we’ve yet to see the Zords in action. And as a tease for their eventual reveal, this could have been better. The five Zords–fighting machines, inspired by prehistoric animals, piloted by the Power Rangers that ultimately transform into the massive Megazord–are all here, but there’s no clear look at any of them except for Trini’s glowing, plastic-looking saber-toothed tiger. The mastodon and triceratops are so hidden away that you’d never guess what they were unless you were already familiar with the show. It’s fine for a teaser, but I’m still waiting to see these mega machines take on massive monsters and ultimately form up to take on the biggest bads Rita Repulsa can throw at them.

Starring Elizabeth BanksNaomi ScottBecky G.Ludi LinRJ CylerDacre MontgomeryBill Hader, and Bryan Cranston, Power Rangers opens in theaters on March 24, 2017.

Check out the new poster below:


Image via Lionsgate

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