Powers Booth, Tom Arnold and Kent Stock – Exclusive Video Interviews – THE FINAL SEASON

     October 11, 2007

Opening tomorrow is “The Final Season,” the true story of a small town baseball team (Norway, Iowa) from the early 90’s. Here’s the synopsis:

Coach Jim Van Scoyoc (Powers Boothe) leads the team to its 19th State title, it seems following it with a 20th is a forgone conclusion. The unexpected strikes when bureaucracy intercedes merging the town with another. Petty jealousies and political designs conspire to rob Norway of its heritage and a 20th Championship. Making matters worse, legendary coach Van Scoyoc is fired and replaced with a one-season assistant coach, Kent Stock (Sean Astin) – a move that seems to guarantee the team’s failure. “The Final Season” is a film about the sudden nature of change, the identity of a small town and the strength that brings out the best when we need it most.

So to help promote the film, they recently held a Los Angeles press day and I was able to interview Powers Booth, Tom Arnold and the real life coach that Sean Astin plays in the film – Kent Stock. As usual, above all the video interviews are some of the questions I asked or some of the topics we discussed.

And for all fans of “Deadwood,” I of course asked Powers about the long rumored “Deadwood” movies that could air on HBO to wrap up the show. As I huge fan of the series, I’m still hopefully they could happen.

And if you missed the movie clips I posted yesterday, you can watch them here. Again, “The Final Season” opens tomorrow.

Powers Booth

  • What makes him pick a role?

  • Does he miss Deadwood? And does he think the 2 hour movies that have been long rumored will ever happen?

  • What brought him to The Final Season?

  • Will he be back on 24?

Tom Arnold

  • Since I last saw him for Pride, I ask if he’s just doing sports movies now. He says after we see the next few films he’s in we won’t think so.

  • He then talks about why he chose the role and the story behind the movie.

  • With so many upcoming projects, I ask what he’s most looking forward to. He says Gardens of the Night and Rocket.

Jeff Kent

  • What has this experience been like?

  • Was he on the set a lot?

  • Any script changes based on his being on the set?

  • Since Sean Astin plays him in the movie, I ask if he was a fan of Lord of the Rings.

  • Since he is a principle now, I ask if his students are excited for the movie.

  • What impressed him the most watching the film get made.

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