‘Preacher’ Season 2 Finale Explained: Gran’ma, Allfather, and What’s Next

     September 12, 2017


Preacher has closed its second season, bringing the tales of Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy to an end for now. On the whole, Season 2 delivered a much better story than the show did in its initial outing. Managing to stay a bit more true to the original source material, this season saw the introduction of Herr Star, Featherstone, Hoover, Humper Doo, and even gave us our first look at the bizarre interpretation of God in the seedy streets of New Orleans. The gang battled against their inner demons, the unstoppable juggernaut called the Saint of Killers, the nefarious workings of the shadowy organization “the Grail,” Cassidy’s vampiric son, and one another.

As this season wrapped, we saw Tulip take a bullet and die in front of Jesse and Cassidy, with Jesse realizing that there may yet be a way to bring her back in the mysterious compound known as “Angelville.” While the series seems to be taking events from the comic and portraying them a tad out of chronological order, it’s clear which direction the show will be heading toward in its eventual third season. Warning: some comic spoilers are below.