‘Preacher’ Season 2 Trailer Previews the Road Trip from Hell

     April 3, 2017


During last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead, AMC dropped the first teaser trailer for Preacher Season 2, giving us a look at the new season of the network’s twisted graphic novel adaptation. Spearheaded by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin, Preacher started off with an inaugural season that was a surprise to newcomers and graphic novel fans alike. That debut season was essentially a prequel to events that happen throughout the violent graphic novel, which revolves around a preacher who literally commands the voice of God. It was contained to the small town in which the titular preacher Jesse (Dominic Cooper) lived, and found Jesse trying his darndest to be a good pastor.

The season ended in a delightfully weird manner that spurred Jesse, his girlfriend Tulip (Oscar nominee Ruth Negga), and his friend and vampire Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) to set out on a road trip to actually find God, with an enigmatic villain named The Saint of Killers hot on their tail. This is the storyline that graphic novel fans know full well, and this Season 2 teaser shows us the delightful mayhem that this imperfect trio will be involved with in the new season to come.

Rogen and Goldberg have previously revealed that this season’s main arc will find Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy on the run from The Saint of Killers, and I’ll be curious to see what twists and turns are in store. The show’s first season was unique, but also a bit stagnant as at times it felt like it was coming up with excuses to keep the action contained to that one small town. With the characters now on the road, the possibilities are much more dynamic.

Check out the first Preacher Season 2 trailer below. Rogen and Goldberg return to direct the first episode of the new season, and cast additions this time around include Noah Taylor, Pip Torrens, and Julie Ann EmeryPreacher Season 2 debuts on June 25th.